webXperience wants to be recognized internationally as a developer of Software as a Service that provides reliable and secure solutions, available in the global market at an affordable price to all users.

webXperience aspires to establish with customers a partnership and trust relationship, where the applications available are progressively improved, or complemented by new applications, taking into account the needs and expectations of its users.

To achieve this Vision, were defined as major organizational values​​: Security, Confidentiality and Quality and Reliability.


Developing applications to use online, where all data is centralized, stored outside of the hard drives of their respective owners, security is necessarily a priority of webXperience.

Security it's not just about ensuring that the private data of each user is not accessible by third parties but also the guarantee that the data is not lost, for example by hardware problems.

Windows Azure, cloud platform used for the provision of webXperience applications, provides high levels of security (through a complex system of firewalls, internal communications protected by SSL, 256-bit keys for encryption of data accounts, etc.). Windows Azure also ensures that all data is replicated 3 times, whereby the detection of any error in a storage device causes immediately complete recovery of all the information contained therein.

webXperience applications code is also designed with Safety as a special point of attention. To ensure this, security audits are regularly requested the specialized entities. Any security breach detected has the highest priority in its resolution.


Having in his possession data eventually private from users of their applications, webXperience set a strict confidentiality policy.

In addition to the security concerns mentioned above, webXperience commits itself to:

  • not to disclose or provide to third parties any customer data without their express authorization;
  • do not keep copies of data that the user decides to delete;
  • do not keep copies of data of users who decide to unsubscribe from a particular application.

Quality and Reliability

The quality of products is primarily driven by the capacity of webXperience in meeting the requirements and expectations of customers, or potential customers, developing products useful, simple to use and without runtime errors.

Thus, webXperience customers can verify and test all the features of the products before buying them, all applications have a trial period without any costs or commitments. It is intended therefore that the client who acquires a license to use any product has been able to test it, to know which features are available and any limitations regarding their business or the way he usually ran a certain task.

All applications are exhaustively tested, trying to reduce as much as possible the possibility of runtime errors. However, webXperience has mechanisms for error detection and customer information gathering, in order to fix ASAP any faults detected.